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Car in the Woods


4-8 players

80 min

From €9 per person

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Car in the Woods - Image 91

You schedule a two-day relaxation at a deserted lodging in the Vermont forest area in the USA. You found online this accommodation completely by accident and you got surprised finding that neither a single review nor a comment had ever been written. This is a mystery ... However, since you are adventure lovers, you made the reservation ignoring all the possible dangers.

Half of your company started much earlier than the rest and reached your final destination on time. There, you were greeted by the owner of the motel, while waiting for your other friends who arrived quite late. They lost their way and their orientation and were trapped in their own car in a wild forest. Everything happened quite suddenly. They woke up after a few minutes in their own vehicle, unable to react and having lost all communication with you (or not?). What will be the destiny of both of you?

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