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The Bar


2-6 players

70 min

From €10 per person

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It's 1925 in Chicago. Prohibition was in effect at the time. It is illegal to sell alcohol. The local mafia, on the other hand, controls several bars and disregards laws and rules. The famous "AL CAPONE BAR" belongs to the organization of the infamous Al Capone and only select registered mafia members are permitted to enter to enjoy their drink.

You're a Chicago security officer, and you need to go inside the bar to see if there's any illegal alcohol in large quantities. However, be careful that the bartender does not notice you and that your life is not jeopardized.

Play convincingly the role assigned to you by the police, and pretend to be a mobster for 70 minutes. Nothing should be done with suspicion.


Groups must arrive 15 minutes before their appointment time to be assigned roles.

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From €10 Per person

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