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In Time


2-7 players

60 min

From €10 per person

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Bookings can be placed via phone only at +302310 47 6004 or 6946659658, due to an upgrade of our online booking system.

We are in a parallel universe, in the immediate future, where the value of human life is costly over time. At the Time World Bank, only a few have managed to acquire the precious coins that will offer them a prolonged lifetime. Only a few minutes have left and you decided to play against all odds. You and your team manage to secretly enter the Bank. If you manage to deactivate all the bank's alarms, you will win what you want the most. But you have to hurry up... A parallel universe, a scenario drawn from the bleakest future, a mission of life and death!

Please let us know in case a team member carries a pacemaker.

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From €10 Per person

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