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Silent Hills: The Night Before


2-6 players

60 min

From €10 per person

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The cursed city that transformed the experience of Escape Rooms is back!

What would you do if you could go back in time and change things?

A magical power takes you back to the Silent Hills of the 70's, just before the sacrifice of the little girl in the mine fires that reduced the peaceful city to ashes. You have the ability to prevent horror and save the small town from its bloody fate because you are aware of its history and tragic ending.

However, demonic forces lurk to prevent your mission. Do you have the courage to return to the point where reality and terror become one? Will you manage to save the city and the girl from their demons?

The big return to Silent Hills is here!

Ages 15+. Please contact us if there is any chance of pregrancy , epileptic seizures or heart problems.

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